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Pain Psychology

June 12, 2015

Pain psychology is a service that is offered at Compass Health Rehabilitation Center. Patients are referred by their physicians for many different reasons, but basically the goal of pain psychology is to teach methods for coping with pain. Sometimes a patient who is sent for pain psychology will think, “I am in pain, not insane! Does my … Continued →


Backpack Safety

September 17, 2014

With the return to school that has arrived so quickly upon us, for some you this may mean heavier loads to carry. The use of overweight and improper fit of backpacks may be a contributing factor for those with spinal pain. Continued →


Concussions in Sport

June 6, 2012

What is a concussion? A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by a bump or blow to the head or a jolt of the head caused by a blow to the body that results in the brain bouncing around in the skull. This can cause a disruption to the way the brain works and have temporary or long lasting effects. Continued →


Overuse Injuries

May 21, 2012

Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, or are you having hand or wrist pain? Here is a roadmap to treating these conditions. The first step in healing is recognizing that you have a problem. Some questions you will want to ask yourself are … Continued →


Pranayama: Stress Relief Yoga Breathing Technique

May 14, 2012

Medical experts have long suggested that stress plays an important part in impacting our ability to function at maximal levels. Studies have shown that stress plays an important role in producing hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance in the body can produce pain, muscle tension … Continued →


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