Benefits of Traction


May 4, 2012

When it comes to neck and back pain, there are many benefits from traction. During traction, your neck or low back are given a pull from a machine in order to stretch those areas. Treatments are usually ten to fifteen minutes long.

Traction is used to treat pinched nerves, neck and back tightness, and headaches. While in traction, the neck or the low back is stretched, and along with it, the spine is stretched a little as well. If you have pinched nerves in your spine, this can help take some of the pressure off and ease arm or leg pain. Traction is also good for treating bulging discs in your spine, which can also pinch your nerves if they lose enough water in the middle. By pulling your spine apart a little, traction can help the disc’s water and gel slip back into place.

Also, neck traction is good for treating headaches because it can stretch the muscles in the back of your neck and at the base of your skull. These muscles often cause headaches when they get too tight.

While traction is good for many conditions, there are some things it should not be used with, such as spinal fusion surgery, osteoporosis, and some spinal problems where the bones in your spine are slipping out of place.