Lori Konopacke, P.T.

Lori K. Physical TherapyBachelor of Science, Physical Therapy:
  • University of Michigan

Lori Konopacke is a graduate of University of Michigan. She has several years experience treating patients with conditions such as orthopedic injuries, TMJ, headache, cervical, back, rheumatology, prenatal /postnatal, fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients.

She brings 25 years of experience of which she has focused the majority of her career enhancing her manual skills to assist in reeducating movement patterns and enhancing the neuromuscular system.  Early on, she began using biofeedback and learned the importance of releasing trigger points and putting muscles in their optimal length to optimize function and muscular effort.  Muscle tone many times responds to underlying joint hypermobility or hypomobility, and once optimal joint mobility is restored, so is muscle tension.  She has learned the importance of analyzing movement patterns to ensure that she is truly getting the appropriate muscle action without substitution patterns.  If her client has pain with exercise, she looks to change position, alignment or muscle activation with manual skills to allow them to perform that movement pattern with elimination or reduction in pain.

She has treated chronic pain, spinal pain and orthopedic patients that have had less than optimal outcomes in previous therapy encounters , and she has provided positive outcomes in the majority of these clients.   Many doctors have noticed this and have sent their “failed” clients to her to treat.   Her favorite clients  are the complex ones, as she likes to analyze and solve the puzzle on what is causing pain and or restrictions,  and she feels manual therapy is a great adjunct to  achieve this. She has a good rapport with her patients,  along with an excellent reputation among her peers, patients and referring doctors for delivering optimal results.