Peripheral Joint Injuries


The therapy team at the Compass Rehabilitation Center has specialized training and extensive knowledge in the treatment of peripheral joint injuries.

Peripheral joint injuries cover a wide array of conditions from traumatic injuries such as acute strains (damage to a tendon/muscle) or sprains (damage to a ligament), to fractures, and dislocations/subluxations. They also include chronic injury from overuse such as tendonitis. The Compass Rehabilitation Center specializes in all these areas including post-surgical rehabilitation.

The evaluation for the peripheral joint injury will include not only an extensive evaluation of the joint directly involved with the injury, but also the other joints in the same limb and spine that may be contributing to your pain. Treatments will include an individualized exercise program to help you regain mobility, strength and stability in the joints affected and may include:

  • Modalities for pain and swelling relief such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or iontophoresis,
  • Manual therapy to restore joint and soft tissue mobility,
  • Taping and bracing to assist the healing and protection of an acute sprain in the initial stages,
  • Or aide in support and retraining of correct neuromuscular movement of joint evaluation and training of your body mechanics to allow you a return to pain free activities if the injury is job related or from lifting, you will be instructed in correct techniques to avoid re-injury.