Sleeping Positions and the Proper Way to Get Out of Bed


May 8, 2012

The way you sleep at night can make a big impact on the way your back and neck will feel in the morning when you wake up. Many people are causing more back and neck pain from the way they sleep. Below are some helpful tips for making sure you have the most comfort during the night.

For back pain, you want to make sure your pelvis, hips, and spine are not twisted out of place when you sleep. A good way to take some stress off your back is to try sleeping on your back with some pillows under your knees, so that your knees are bent up. If you don’t like sleeping on your back, try lying on your side with a pillow between your knees, to keep your hips and pelvis even with each other.

For neck pain, the worst thing you can do is lie on your stomach with your head turned one way. This can tighten your neck on one side and cause stiffness or pain when you wake up. Instead, try lying on your back. If you’d like to lie on your side, try folding a pillow or using two pillows under your head to keep your neck even, so it doesn’t tilt to one side as you sleep.

When you get out of bed in the morning, it is best to start lying on your back or side. If you’re on your back, bend both knees up and roll to the side, so that your shins are off the bed. Use the arm closest to the mattress to push yourself up so that you’re sitting, and be sure to keep your body straight. Avoid twisting your trunk! If you’re lying on your side, simply dangle your shins off the bed and push yourself up to sitting.