Massage Therapy Treatments


Massage therapy is a proven means to improve overall health and well-being. Our therapeutic massages are based on both Western and Eastern therapy traditions. Our licensed Massage Practitioner incorporates knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology to create a personalized treatment plan to address your concerns. Our primary massage method is therapeutic Swedish massage, but your personalized session may also incorporate elements of Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release. Our therapist also offers Pre-Natal and Hot Stone Therapy upon request.

Some massage therapy benefits include:

Relieving back pain

One of the most common issues dealt with today is back and lower back pain. Whether it is due to stress, improper posture, muscle strain or more serious conditions like spinal stenosis, massage therapy has been a proven means of relieving and reducing back pain for years. Our massage therapists will work with you to decide what type of massage will help you most as well as what you can do to prevent further injury.

Boosting the immune system

Regular massage therapy has been shown to not only alleviate stress but also boost the immune system of the patients. This is due to the immune system increasing its cytotoxic capacity while reducing overall T-cell count, the result is a more efficient immune system that can fight off colds and infections much easier.

Reducing anxiety stress and blood pressure

One well known benefit of massage therapy is the reduction in overall anxiety and stress. With regular massage therapy, overall endorphine levels are increased, blood pressure is reduced and the brain can refocus itself. This leads to a reduction in stress headaches, increased sex drive, improvement in sleep patterns and overall mood.

Decreasing carpal tunnel syndromes

Special massage therapies aim to reduce the pain brought on by carpal tunnel syndrome. These are performed in various ways with the ultimate goal of relieving pressure along the meridian nerve and other muscle tissues in the hands and wrist. If massage therapy does not work, you may need to consider other treatment options available here.

Easing post-operative pain

As part of a larger rehabilitation plan, massage therapy on post-operative surgery patients can increase the speed of recovery, as well as promote better muscle conditioning and movement. Massage therapy does this by allowing the body to circulate nutrients and oxygen more freely and therefore these injured and healing areas get the attention they need.

Treating patients in the Lansing and East Lansing area, The Compass Rehabilitation Center’s Massage Therapy services are available with or without a physician’s referral and can be effective alone or as a complement to other medical treatments. Our billing staff will check your insurance benefits and bill your insurance if therapeutic massage is covered under your plan.

A Division of Compass Health


The Area’s Leading Physicians have come Together for Your Health

Welcome to a New Direction in Health Care.

Physician leaders in the Lansing area have come together to form Compass Health—a multi-specialty medical group committed to preserving the physician/patient relationship in today’s health care landscape.

At Compass Health, providing the care you need is the focus of everything we do.

The physicians and staff of Compass Health provide leading-edge patient-centered care across a range of medical specialties.

Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Pain Management


The Compass Rehabilitation Center has assembled the very best treatment team to provide rehabilitative care for our patients. The physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and therapists of The Compass Rehabilitation Center provide both invasive and non-invasive pain management treatments for the neck, back, spine and extremities; electromyography (EMGs) ; nerve conduction studies; manual therapy and functionally-oriented physical therapy catering to the needs of spine, orthopedic and sports medicine patients. Our team of registered, licensed physical therapists offers more than 60 years of combined experience and focuses on effective patient-centered treatment plans.

At The Compass Rehabilitation Center, we place a strong emphasis on individualized care with treatment options designed to meet each patient’s specific needs and goals. We provide a team approach to rehabilitative care, neck and spine health, sports medicine, physical medicine and pain management to restore our patients to their most productive and best health.

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are Ryan Topham, MD Michael T. Wheeler, DO and Curt J. Winnie, MD.

Dr. Topham, a comprehensive interventional spine physician, joined The Compass Rehabilitation Center following a fellowship at Stanford University. He treats medical issues ranging from the neck to the lumbar spine, including medical issues of the shoulders and hips. In addition, as a former professional baseball player, he has a specific interest in the effects of sports related injuries to the spine and the appropriate medical intervention for treatment and rehabilitation. Dr. Topham also treats patients using ultrasound guided injections.

Dr. Wheeler is Board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with a sub-specialty of Pain Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine. Originally from Williamston, Dr. Wheeler is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed an interventional pain fellowship with a national leader in the pain management field; Spine Technology and Rehabilitation in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Dr. Winnie joined The Compass Rehabilitation Center following an interventional pain medicine fellowship in Atlanta. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School and completed his residency with the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota. He is also Board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a sub-specialty of Pain Medicine.

All of our specialists are happy to accept new patients with or without a doctor’s referral. Our office staff will be pleased to answer your questions or schedule an appointment for you. We can be reached at (517) 337-3080 or toll-free at 1-888-712-6999.

MRI Technology Comes to Compass Rehabilitation


January 9, 2015

East Lansing, MI – January 9, 2015 – Compass Health is proud to announce that the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology is now available at Compass Rehabilitation (formerly known as The Spine Center) in East Lansing.

Physicians from throughout mid-Michigan may now refer patients for MRI imaging of any area of the body, including orthopedic, brain and spine scans. Referrals are not limited to patients who are or plan to be undergoing treatment at Compass Rehabilitation.

“We believe the mid-Michigan area needed an alternative to the hospital or clinical environment for MRIs,” said David Corteville, Chief Operating Officer of Compass Health. “Compass Rehabilitation offers a centralized location with easy accessibility. Perhaps even more important, the inviting, relaxing atmosphere at Compass Rehabilitation reduces any anxiety patients may have about the procedure or a more clinical setting.”

The state-of-the-art Achieva MRI, manufactured by Philips, delivers high-resolution images at maximum speed, reducing procedure time. This, in combination with Compass Rehabilitation’s easy-to-access location and inviting, comfortable surroundings, will enhance patient comfort and convenience.

Compass Rehabilitation is part of Compass Health. For more information about the range of services available at Compass Rehabilitation or for an appointment call 517-337-3080 or visit www.Compass.Rehab.