The Compass Rehabilitation Center Psychologist Appointed to Statewide Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management


October 6, 2011

East Lansing, Michigan – October 6, 2011, – The Michigan Board of Psychology announced recently that John A. Jerome, PHD, has been appointed to the statewide Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management for the 2011-2013 term. In Dr. Jerome’s appointment, the Board commended him on his extensive pain management background. Increasingly, psychologists are being called upon to provide advice for patients with chronic pain.

The Compass Rehabilitation Center, which opened in 2007, is designed to treat people in pain by developing a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. The goal of our team is to treat the source of pain and reduce or eliminate the patient’s dependence on prescription medication. This is achieved by treating both the physical and psychological aspects of pain and rehabilitation. While many patients receive neck and back treatment at the Compass Rehabilitation Center, the multifaceted treatment programs also address problems with hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, and the full range of neuromuscular issues or rehabilitative needs. Additionally, our unique obstetrics physical therapy program has proven success in treating lower back pain for pregnant women. The Compass Rehabilitation Center is part of the Centis Health System. For more information about the range of services available at The Compass Rehabilitation Center of for an appointment call 517-337-3080 or go to the website at www.Compass.Rehab.